IGC Agency is a family-owned business that started in 1972 by a young man who travelled through Africa, fixing cash registers and other electronic equipment. On returning to South Africa, he and his wife founded IGC Agency and so began the family business in Pietersburg (now known as Polokwane), Limpopo, with their two sons. The company grew from there to today, with years of hard work and dedication.

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We offer various products and services, from catering, butchery scales and so much more.

We are the highest accredited scale company in the Limpopo doing scales
from 50g up to 120 000 kg, including weighbridge, platform scales, hopper scales etc

We are an accredited company with SANAS and accredited to do repairs on scales and issue a verification certificate for the use of prescribed purposes (for trade use).
We possess our own mass and test unit; the weights are tested by an NRCS
accredited laboratory every 12months to ensure your scales are calibrated correctly.